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1094543_piano_practiceFor the November 21st house concert, Samantha Arrasmith, last February’s CSUS piano scholarship winner, will be playing 2 pieces: Haydn’s Sonata in D Major, Hob. XVI:37 and Visions Fugitives, op. 22 by Prokofiev. Here is some background information on the pieces:

Sonata in D Major, Hob. XVI:37, Haydn
I. Allegro con brio
II. Largo e sostenuto
III. Presto ma non troppo

This sonata is one of the most often performed of Haydn’s piano works. The structure is quite typical, as are most of the compositional devices. The first movement is playful and fun, utilizing quick sixteenth note passages and humorously surprising changes of harmony. The second movement is dark and brooding, a stark contrast to the other two. It ends in a half cadence which moves directly into the third movement, an innocent and childlike rondo.

Visions Fugitives, op. 22, Prokofiev
I. Lentamente
II. Andante
III. Allegretto
IV. Animato
V. Molto giocoso
VI. Con eleganza
VII. (Harp) Pittoresco
VIII. Comodo
IX. Allegretto Tranquillo
X. Ridiculosamente
XI. Con vivacita
XII. Assai moderato
XIII. Allegretto
IVX. Feroce
XV. Inquieto
XVI. Dolente
XVII. Poetico
XVIII. Con una dolce lentezza
XIX. Presto agitatissimo e molto accentuato
XX. Lento irrealmente

Prokofiev wrote the Visions Fugitives (Fugitive Visions) during 1915-1917. The title came from a this passage by the Russian poet Kanstantin Bal’mant: “In every fugitive vision I see worlds, full of the changing play of rainbow hues…” These twenty short preludes all represent a specific characteristic and vary between dark, happy, quirky, humerous, and thoughtful. They are often performed in sets of three to six, but I believe that the work should be performed in its entirety as there is a very natural progression between all of the movements (notice how the first five movements are ascending in tempo). The ending is not typical of an expected finale for a large work, which represents the stunned reaction to the gunshots in the street during the Russian Revolution which are heard in the preceding movement.

-Samantha Arrasmith

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